Don’t Buy LOVE!


I’ve been working in social media almost two years now. I have discovered that most of Lebanese businesses are using social media because it is something new,  the competitor is there, or because social media is the big thing. But the main focus of all the companies is the number of fans. they might care about the content of the page but most of them don’t know anything about the page interactions…Buying fan is the easiest way! For 500$ you can buy 25000 facebook fans, you can also buy twitter followers and youtube viewers.Tempting no?

Will you buy your Facebook fans?

I definitely won’t and here why you shouldn’t!

  1. Bought fans never buy your product: the amount you spent on buying fans ended up in losses due to no sales coming in from those fans u have bought.
  2.  Number doesn’t matter : Having 25000 fans doesn’t mean your brand is powerful or loved if no one is engaging with you.
  3. Non-targeted fans will be irrelevant for your business: All bought fans are outside lebanon from India, Pakistan or not real people
  4. Real Fans can notice that: Fans can easely tell that you are buying fans by looking to your wall, if your page shows that it has thousands of likes but no engagement with them , then it is obvious that you bought them , and you might lose your real fans.

For all the community managers who are buying fans not searching for them, you definitely should change career.


Why Voting Might Not Be A Fair Competition In The MENA Region [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy to the talented Patrick Semaan.

Why your business needs social media?

More and more companies are integrating social media into their marketing mix. Here some reasons why your business should be using social media.

Cost effective: social media marketing is the most effective method of reaching your audience and it is almost free, it will cost you only time.

Branding: One of the easiest ways to establish your brand these days is through social media. It doesn’t cost anything and has the potential to reach thousands. It’s also the most treacherous way to establish your brand, product or service.

keep an eye on your reputation: The other benefit of engaging through social media is that these tools make it easy to find out what other people are saying about you, and keep an eye on your reputation within the market.

Create a buzz: you can create a buzz around your product or service. You have higher exposure to your brand with online networking, and with spread you can gather hundreds if not thousands of prospect.

Word of mouth: social media is the word of mouth , customers have to trust you before purchasing your product, so if they hear from a friend talking about your product on twitter or facebook , chances are very high to buy your products.

Reaching worldwide clients: you can reach a big number of clients all over the  globe when you develop a presence on the social network.

Direct conversation: clients can directly contact you on twitter or facebook, expecting an effective and quick reply.

Helps with search engine:  social media really help your search engine rankings. And help you get a top ranking at Google.

So what are you waiting for?


Evolution of Social Media.

What is social media

Social: refers to the needs we have to connect with others human we have a need to be around and included in groups of similar like-minded people with whom we are comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas.

Media:we are using media to make those connections with other humans like facebook twitter linked in etc…[Wikipedia]

Today it is so easy to reach anyone around the globe, thanks to the internet and to the social networking who is becoming essential in our modern life.

Social media is new technology that allows us to build relationships with new friends and with our customers. It is doing what the telephone, direct mail, print advertising, radio, television and billboards did for up until now

The history and evolution of social media

In 1994 One of the web’s first social networking sites, Geocities is founded. The concept was for users to create their own websites launches allowing profile creation and listing friends in 1997

2002- Friendster is launched, pioneering online connection of real world. It’s user base grows to 3 million users un the first 3 months. About 1 in every 126  internet users at the time.

2003- My space is launched. First conceived as a Friendster clone, created by an internet marketing firm. In the following years, many other social networking sites launch. Among them Linkedin,, Netlog etc…

2004- Facebook launches in February 2004 at Harvard University in Massachusetts.. More than half of the 19.500 students signed up within the first month.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched in July of that year. Twitter rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with 200 million users as of 2011,generating over 200 million tweets and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day It is sometimes described as the  SMS of the Internet.

In 2011 Google plus is launched-a new social networking service. Google Plus get 20 Million Users within three weeks


Picture credits: Stock Photos