Don’t Buy LOVE!


I’ve been working in social media almost two years now. I have discovered that most of Lebanese businesses are using social media because it is something new,  the competitor is there, or because social media is the big thing. But the main focus of all the companies is the number of fans. they might care about the content of the page but most of them don’t know anything about the page interactions…Buying fan is the easiest way! For 500$ you can buy 25000 facebook fans, you can also buy twitter followers and youtube viewers.Tempting no?

Will you buy your Facebook fans?

I definitely won’t and here why you shouldn’t!

  1. Bought fans never buy your product: the amount you spent on buying fans ended up in losses due to no sales coming in from those fans u have bought.
  2.  Number doesn’t matter : Having 25000 fans doesn’t mean your brand is powerful or loved if no one is engaging with you.
  3. Non-targeted fans will be irrelevant for your business: All bought fans are outside lebanon from India, Pakistan or not real people
  4. Real Fans can notice that: Fans can easely tell that you are buying fans by looking to your wall, if your page shows that it has thousands of likes but no engagement with them , then it is obvious that you bought them , and you might lose your real fans.

For all the community managers who are buying fans not searching for them, you definitely should change career.


One comment on “Don’t Buy LOVE!

  1. John
    August 1, 2012 at 3:32 PM #

    Nice article!

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